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Men have them. Women have them. Adults and adolescents dread them.. What are they? Unsightly stretch marks! There has been no treatment that significantly improves them. Until now…

LOS ANGELES, March 13th, 2006 – Men and women are passing up time at the gym, and replacing that time at their doctor’s office. Stretched and toned skin takes a time-out.

Today’s focus: Smooth skin – without stretch marks.

Finally a new technology proven effective to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. We are one of the few medical spa’s in the tampa bay area with this great technology.

It is now in Vogue, quite literally, to diminish those unsightly stretch marks. In fact, The April issue of Vogue Magazine will be sporting a feature article on Fraxel Laser Treatments for stretch marks. Fraxel Laser Treatments are best known as a revolutionary non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA for wrinkles, acne scarring and skin discoloration.

But to the medical industry’s astonishment, Fraxel has another surprising indication, to improve stretch marks. This finding is similar to what happened years ago when Retin-A was developed to treat acne, only to discover the amazing “side-effect” it had upon diminishing wrinkles. Likewise, Minoxidil was originally prescribed for prostate conditions, but patients who used it began to notice hair growth. Now, both of those products are better known more for their “pleasant” side effects than for their original indications.

The same may become true for Fraxel Laser therapy. Since millions of people are plagued with stretch marks, and not surprisingly, it remains the number one researched cosmetic topic on the web. This “secondary benefit” may well become THE greatest finding in medical history. And the medical industry has feverishly tried for years to develop an effective resolve for this embarrassing skin condition since no previous claims of lotions, creams, potions or treatments have ever been truly effective (save for minor improvement).

So, being the skeptic that I am. I personally decided to give this claim a try. To my utter amazement, two treatments of Fraxel Laser Treatments remarkably improved my hideous stretch marks along my tummy, by almost 60%! I have not been able to wear crop tops since the birth of my son 18 years ago, due to the unsightly and embarrassing reminders of pregnancy.Until now! I have 4 more treatments to go, and this remains THE most amazing and significant improvement I have ever laid eyes on. And what’s more, Fraxel can be safely used on any part of the body.

Body builders suffer from stretch marks on their arms, legs and flanks.Women are often plagued with stretch marks on their tummies and breasts, and sudden growth spurts in adolescents can cause stretch marks just about anywhere.

Only a handful of physicians in the world have access to this technology. What makes this laser so unusual is that it utilizes a digital approach to touching up the skin—much like current computer technology does for repairing old photographs, pixel by pixel. Primarily used for wrinkles and skin discoloration caused by the aging process Fraxel Laser Treatments rectify these conditions at the flip of a switch.

Dr. Grant Stevens was one of the first surgeons to obtain Fraxel, and began performing the procedure at Marina Plastic Surgery, in Marina del Rey and Palos Verdes. Thousands of customers have flocked in and personally witnessed the disappearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone before their very eyes. “Clients will be surprised at how quickly they see improvements in the tone and texture of their skin.”

The difference is that, while traditional treatments are usually applied to larger areas of the skin surface, the Fraxel procedure more precisely targets smaller areas of underlying skin. Such meticulous attention to problem areas stimulates collagen production deep within the skin. It also protects surrounding skin from unnecessary exposure and speeds the healing process. “Fraxel is a much gentler treatment that accomplishes significant results in a shorter time than some of the more traditional treatments commonly used,” said Dr. Stevens.

Typically 5-6 treatments are recommended, and each one takes as little as one hour.

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