The Benefits of Skin Peels For Anti-Aging

Throughout the course of our lives, we occasionally experience different types of skin problems, depending on our age and genetic background. When we’re younger, we often battle the on-set of acne and oily skin. As we get older, a new set of skin problems develops, including: fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, dryness, rough texture, and hyper-pigmentation. That’s why effective anti-aging skin care treatments (including proper cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and protection) are of optimal importance in our daily skin care regimen, regardless of the stage of life we are in.

One of the best ways to dramatically improve the look of aging skin is to use skin peels. Skin peels help reduce the appearance of pores, minimize skin texture problems (like roughness and dry patches), help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, boost radiance, and eliminate dullness. Featured here is information about the various types of skin peels available, as well as are explanations about the immediate and long-lasting benefits that skin peels will have on your skin.

The Benefits of Skin Peels

The four basic types of skin peels include: at-home cosmetic exfoliating skin peels, superficial in-office treatments, medium in-office peels, and deep surgical skin peels. Below are explanations about each of these skin peels, and how they can help reverse the aging process, leading to younger, healthier looking skin.

At-Home Cosmetic Exfoliating Skin Peels

There are three types of cosmetic exfoliating peels that you can do in the privacy and comfort of your home. These include chemical treatments (such as AlphaHydroxy Acid treatments or fruit acid peels), mechanical peels (like facial scrubs and hand-held exfoliating devices), and enzymatic solutions.

Exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin cells in the epidermal layer (which is the top layer of skin), which prompts skin-cell turn-over (helping to bring fresh, new skin cells to the surface). Through weekly use, over the course of several weeks you will begin to see brighter skin, with fewer fine lines, diminished sun spots or pigmentation problems, and a healthy, dewy glow.

When using at-home skin peels, make sure to gently exfoliate your skin (so that you don’t create scratches or injure your sensitive skin). In addition, always moisturize and protect your freshly-exfoliated skin with sunscreen to prevent dryness and sun damage.

Superficial In-Office Skin Peels

Frequently done at spas and dermatology offices, superficial in-office skin peels are available in a range of options, including: light laser, Glycolic treatments (also known as “Lunch-Time Peels”), and microdermabrasion (which uses fine granules to gently buff the surface of the skin).

These skin peels do not require any recovery time, and affect only the top layer of your skin, resulting in added radiance. It is encouraged to do a monthly treatment over a longer period of time to see any noticeable results. The most immediate effect you that will be visible noticeable is fresher, healthier looking skin.

Medium In-Office Skin Peels

For deeper skin problems (such as acne scars, wrinkles, and dark spots caused by hormonal imbalances, sun exposure, or internal toxins), you might consider a medium in-office skin peel. These treatments include chemical, laser, and mechanical (or dermabrasion) procedures.

These treatments work by burning-off old skin to help regenerate new skin cells (otherwise known as facial rejuvenation). This type of medium-intensity skin treatment is performed by a Doctor and requires the use of local anesthesia. In addition, you can expect to need one week for recovery time, since this procedure reaches some dermis layers.

Deep Surgical Skin Peels

The most intense skin peel is called a deep surgical skin peel. This type of treatment is generally only done one time in a person’s life, as it requires anesthesia and a two-week recovery period. This type of skin peel is reserved for severely damaged skin, but it also provides the most radical improvements to a person’s skin. There are potential complications with this type of skin peel, so consult with your Doctor before under-going this procedure.

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