NeoCutis Now Available at Dr K’s Med Spa

NeoCutis is an advanced line of professional skincare products which incorporates PSP® (Processed Skin Cell Proteins), an optimal blend of proteins including Human Growth Factors, Cytokines and Interleukins for beautiful, youthful skin. PSP® was discovered in Switzerland through medical research in scarless wound healing and burn treatment. It is now offered in a line of skincare products to repair damaged skin and reverse the signs of aging for renewed, radiant skin.

NeoCutis offers a variety of skincare products including cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams and anti-aging serums. All products are free of artificial fragrances and color additives. While their products are formulated for regular use, many are ideal for use before and after non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures to help prime the skin or repair it afterward. NeoCutis products are available through healthcare professionals.

The Bio-Restorative Skin Cream is NeoCutis’ original skin cream formulated with PSP® to promote recovery and rejuvenate the skin. It can address fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and tone, and diminished skin elasticity. The Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream with PSP® and SPF 30+ is a complete anti-aging day cream which protects and hydrates the skin and improves aging conditions. NeoCutis also offer the Bio-Gel Bio-Restorative Hydrogel with PSP® and hyaluronic acid to improve skin tone and texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

NeoCutis offers two skin cleansers: the Neo-Cleanse Gentle Skin Cleanser and the Neo-Cleanse Exfoliating Skin Cleanser. NeoCutis also offers a variety of anti-aging treatments to minimize lines and wrinkles, improve texture and tone, plump and hydrate the skin, and protect against environmental concerns, including the Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream with PSP®, Hyalis Refining Serum, PREVedem Antioxidant Serum, Bio-Serum Bio-Restorative Serum with PSP®, Perle Skin Brightening Cream with Melaplex, Peche Redness Control With Rosaplex™, and Lumiere Riche Bio-restorative Eye balm with PSP®.

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