Anti-Aging Skin Care Advice

Sunscreen helps, but it is just the beginning. Consider, too, what you apply to your skin, skincare procedures, what you eat and your hormone levels to help you care for your aging skin.

It’s never, ever, too early to start an anti-aginganti-wrinkle skin care plan. Think PREVENTION is key! And it is also never too late to slow down and start reversing the signs of aging skin. Think REWIND the hands of time!


Step One: Practice Sun Protection Every Day

The single most important anti-aging thing you can do for your skin daily is to apply a medical grade SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen of 30 or above, preferably with zinc oxide or titanium oxide to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Damage from the sun makes up 85% of the aging that you see on your skin as you age. The sun breaks down collagen and elastin, two important fibers in keeping the skin firm, toned, and free of fine lines and wrinkles. Medical grade sunscreens contain higher quantities of protectants to protect your skin and antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help heal skin damage and protect the skin from harmful free radicals and pollutants. Over the Counter sunscreens have very low percentages of protectants, lack antioxidants, and have parabens, chemicals, fragrances, and other additives which are harmful and irritating to the skin as well as aging to the skin.

Wearing sunscreen is not just for summer days or to protect your skin at the beach only, it should be worn daily as an aging preventative. That is because the aging effects of the sun can zero in on the skin even during everyday activities, such as driving, walking through a parking lot, walking the dog, or watching your child’s soccer game…basically any time of the year.

Tasha and Mia’s Product Recommendation: Try using SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF 50 and Skinceuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50.
For Oiler skin types try: Obagi Matte SPF 50 or Skinceuticals Physical Matte SPF 50.
For Sensitive, Rosacea, or Post Procedure skin types try: Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense Delicate Care SPF 30.

Step Two: Reach for the RIGHT Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Ever hear that saying, you get what you pay for? Well that saying holds true for skin care products. However, not all skin care products are created equal and with skin care being a billion dollar industry there are a ton of gimmicks out there! To avoid the gimmicks and get results, always use medical grade skin care products. Medical grade skin care products are created to change the skin at a cellular level to show visible results and have scientific research behind them to show the efficacy. Medical grade products differ from Over the Counter (OTC) products (which are found in stores, department stores, on TV, online and tiered selling programs such as Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne, etc.)

Medical grade products are found in Medical Spas (if under a doctor’s license), Dermatology Offices, Doctors’ Offices and Wellness Clinics. Medical grade products have high levels of active ingredients that rejuvenate and transform the skin at a cellular level while Over the Counter products have little to no active ingredients and at best are simply a moisturizer.

Below is a list of active ingredients that are vital to the skin and a brief explanation of their benefit:

Step Three: Medical Grade Services and Treatments

Have a consultation with an experienced Medical Aesthetician or Doctor regarding the in-office treatments that can treat your skin concerns. There are many treatments available that can tighten skinstimulate collagen production, add volume, reduce sun damage, improve hyperpigmentation,, and soften scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Procedures that will give noticeable results being used for anti-aging skin therapy here at Dr. K’s Medspa include:

Step Four: Start an Anti-Aging Diet

You are what you eat, therefore what goes in your body is so important for how your skin looks, feels, and repairs itself. Your skin is the largest organ that you have and it is an organ that excretes toxins. If you are constantly polluting your body with toxic foods then your skin will show it with a dull appearance and possibly other concerns such as acne, rosacea, and dry or irritated skin. Making some simple changes in your eating habits can have a major impact on your skin.

The following are some simple steps that you can take to start seeing positive changes in your skin:

Step Five: Get moving…Exercise!

Exercise stimulates blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. In addition, increased blood flow helps carry away waste products from working cells, flushing cellular debris from your system. Think of it as cleansing your skin from the inside out. Exercise also decreases stress, a major factor in premature aging. Conditions that can improve when stress is reduced include eczema, aging, oiliness and acne.

Step Six: Bioidentical Hormone Optimization

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can make a big difference by reducing the aging process and providing increased energy as well. Aging, especially in the skin, accelerates when hormone levels are not at their optimum levels. Of all hormones that decline with age, estrogen has the most dramatic effect on the skin. Estrogen is known to slow down skin aging. Lack of proper hormone levels can create significant decrease in skin thickness with marked thinning in the epidermis (outer skin layer), and loss of critical collagen, resulting in deterioration of the skins structure. This creates deeper wrinkles, deeper scars, and widened pores. The more rapid the collagen loss, the more dramatic the appearance of aging. Proper Bioidentical Hormone Replacement with estrogen, progesterone and testosterone is a complex decision requiring the analysis of one’s medical history and a physician who has the knowledge to expertly balance hormone levels.

Tasha and Mia’s Recommendation: Schedule a consultation with Dr. K to evaluate your hormone levels and start your Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy regimen.

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